Will Empire paint freeze during shipping?

No. Empire paint contains an additive that prevents freezing during shipping.

Can Empire paint be shipped outside Canada?

Yes. Empire’s acrylic airbrush paint is waterbased and available for international shipping.

Does Empire paint contain a flow-aid?

Yes. Our entire line of ready-to-spray airbrush paints contain flow-aid additives.

Why won’t Empire sell single bottles of paint?

Canada Post has a minimum charge of approximately $10 per parcel and shipping would cost at least twice what the single bottle of paint would.

Will Empire allow custom paint sets for customers?

Yes. We have a minimum of 10 bottles per order and you can use our color list to build a set of your choice.

How much is shipping for orders outside of Canada?

Empire will ship orders anywhere. Please contact us with your address we will provide a shipping quote.

Does Empire sell solvent based paint?

No. Not at this point in time but we will in the future.

What currency does this site use?

All prices listed are in Canadian dollars unless otherwise stated.

Can Empire paints be used indoors?

Yes. Our Acrylic paints can be used in any adequately ventilated, indoor area without any smell issues. However, Empire recommends that a mask be worn at all times when spraying as ALL atomized paint is harmful if inhaled.